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1Then all Israel gathered together to David at Hebron, and said, “Behold, we are your bone and flesh. 2In times past, even when Saul was king, it was you that led out and brought in Israel; and the Lord your God said to you, ‘You shall be shepherd of my people Israel, and you shall be prince over my people Israel.’ ” 3So all the elders of Israel came to the king at Hebron; and David made a covenant with them at Hebron before the Lord, and they anointed David king over Israel, according to the word of the Lord by Samuel.

4And David and all Israel went to Jerusalem, that is Jebus, where the Jebʹusites were, the inhabitants of the land. 5The inhabitants of Jebus said to David, “You will not come in here.” Nevertheless David took the stronghold of Zion, that is, the city of David. 6David said, “Whoever shall smite the Jebʹusites first shall be chief and commander.” And Joʹab the son of Zeruʹiah went up first, so he became chief. 7And David dwelt in the stronghold; therefore it was called the city of David. 8And he built the city round about from the Millo in complete circuit; and Joʹab repaired the rest of the city. 9And David became greater and greater, for the Lord of hosts was with him.

10Now these are the chiefs of David’s mighty men, who gave him strong support in his kingdom, together with all Israel, to make him king, according to the word of the Lord concerning Israel. 11This is an account of David’s mighty men: Jashoʹbe-am, a Hachʹmonite, was chief of the three; he wielded his spear against three hundred whom he slew at one time.

12And next to him among the three mighty men was Eleaʹzar the son of Dodo, the Ahoʹhite. 13He was with David at Pas-damʹmim when the Philistines were gathered there for battle. There was a plot of ground full of barley, and the men fled from the Philistines. 14But he took his stand in the midst of the plot, and defended it, and slew the Philistines; and the Lord saved them by a great victory.

15Three of the thirty chief men went down to the rock to David at the cave of Adullam, when the army of Philistines was encamped in the valley of Rephʹaim. 16David was then in the stronghold; and the garrison of the Philistines was then at Bethlehem. 17And David said longingly, “O that some one would give me water to drink from the well of Bethlehem which is by the gate!” 18Then the three mighty men broke through the camp of the Philistines, and drew water out of the well of Bethlehem which was by the gate, and took and brought it to David. But David would not drink of it; he poured it out to the Lord, 19and said, “Far be it from me before my God that I should do this. Shall I drink the lifeblood of these men? For at the risk of their lives they brought it.” Therefore he would not drink it. These things did the three mighty men.

20Now Abiʹshai, the brother of Joʹab, was chief of the thirty. And he wielded his spear against three hundred men and slew them, and won a name beside the three. 21He was the most renowned of the thirty, and became their commander; but he did not attain to the three.

22And Benaiʹah the son of Jehoiʹada was a valiant man of Kabzeel, a doer of great deeds; he smote two ariels of Moab. He also went down and slew a lion in a pit on a day when snow had fallen. 23And he slew an Egyptian, a man of great stature, five cubits tall. The Egyptian had in his hand a spear like a weaver’s beam; but Benaiʹah went down to him with a staff, and snatched the spear out of the Egyptian’s hand, and slew him with his own spear. 24These things did Benaiʹah the son of Jehoiʹada, and won a name beside the three mighty men. 25He was renowned among the thirty, but he did not attain to the three. And David set him over his bodyguard.

26The mighty men of the armies were Asʹahel the brother of Joʹab, Elhaʹnan the son of Dodo of Bethlehem, 27Shammoth of Harod, Helez the Pelʹonite, 28Ira the son of Ikkesh of Tekoʹa, Abi-eʹzer of Anʹathoth, 29Sibʹbecai the Huʹshathite, Iʹlai the Ahoʹhite, 30Maʹharai of Netophʹah, Heled the son of Baʹanah of Netophʹah, 31Ithai the son of Ribai of Gibʹeah of the Benjaminites, Benaiʹah of Pirʹathon, 32Hurai of the brooks of Gaʹash, Abiʹel the Arʹbathite, 33Azʹmaveth of Bahaʹrum, Eliʹahba of Sha-alʹbon, 34Hashem the Giʹzonite, Jonathan the son of Shagee the Harʹarite, 35Ahiʹam the son of Sachar the Harʹarite, Eliʹphal the son of Ur, 36Hepher the Mecheʹrathite, Ahiʹjah the Pelʹonite, 37Hezro of Carmel, Naʹarai the son of Ezbai, 38Joʹel the brother of Nathan, Mibhar the son of Hagri, 39Zelek the Ammonite, Naʹharai of Be-erʹoth, the armor-bearer of Joʹab the son of Zeruʹiah, 40Ira the Ithrite, Gareb the Ithrite, 41Uriʹah the Hittite, Zabad the son of Ahlai, 42Adʹina the son of Shiza the Reubenite, a leader of the Reubenites, and thirty with him, 43Hanan the son of Maʹacah, and Joshʹaphat the Mithnite, 44Uzziʹa the Ashʹterathite, Shama and Je-iʹel the sons of Hotham the Aroʹerite, 45Jediʹa-el the son of Shimri, and Joha his brother, the Tizite, 46Eliʹel the Maʹhavite, and Jerʹibai, and Joshaviʹah, the sons of Elʹna-am, and Ithmah the Moʹabite, 47Eliʹel, and Obed, and Ja-asiʹel the Mezoʹba-ite.

Revised Standard Version of the Bible, copyright © 1946, 1952, and 1971 National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America.
Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

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