Book of Revelation Summary: A Complete Animated Overview (Part 1)

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Watch our overview video on Revelation 1-11, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. In Revelation, John's visions reveal that Jesus has overcome evil by his death and resurrection, and will return one day as the true king of the world. 00:00 Summary of historical background, context and meaning 02:09 Jesus' message to the 7 churches 03:44 John's vision of the throne of God 05:29 The cycle of the seven seals 08:22 The cycle of seven trumpets and the unsealed scroll #BibleProject #biblebookoverviews #prophecy #revelation #endtimes #apocalypse #newtestament #revelations #secondcoming #eschatology #biblevideo #biblevideos #bookofrevelation

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Revelation 1-11