What It Means for Jesus to Be the "Word of God"

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John begins his Gospel account by introducing Jesus as the Word of God, echoing the opening chapters of Genesis, where God created life through his spoken word. This beginning was good, but when God’s creatures rejected his instructions, all creation spiraled into death. The world needed a new beginning, so God's divine word spoke again, but this time, the word became a human named Jesus. For more information on John 1, check out the following resources: -John 1 Study Notes: https://tbp.xyz/john1studynotes -John 1 Script References: https://tbp.xyz/john1script -John 1 Blog Post: https://tbp.xyz/john1blog -John 1 Podcast Episode: https://tbp.xyz/john1podcast #BibleProject #John1 #VisualCommentary

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Bible References

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