When is God's Will Done on Earth? • Sermon on the Mount (Episode 1)

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Introducing the Weekly Playlist: https://bibleproject.com/playlists/ Join us for an introduction to the most well-known collection of Jesus' teachings, the Sermon on the Mount. We cover its intentional design and context within the story of the Bible as we begin this 10-part series. 00:00 Overview of the Sermon on the Mount 01:00 The design of the teachings 01:35 What it means for God's Kingdom to come on earth 02:07 God chose Israel to represent His Kingdom 02:35 Jesus announces the arrival of God's Kingdom 04:27 Credits Subscribe to our channel for more explainer videos about the Bible: https://www.youtube.com/bibleproject Visit our website for more resources to experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus: https://bibleproject.com/

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Bible References

Matthew 5-7