What Jesus Meant by "The Last Will Be First"

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Who gets to be first? Trace the theme of the firstborn through the story of the Bible and discover how God overturns human systems and redefines power as love. Check out The Last Will Be First on our French, Japanese, and Spanish channels as well! @BibleProjectFrancais @BibleProjectJapanese @ProyectoBibliaOficial 00:00 The right of the firstborn in human history 00:35 God gives younger siblings the birthright in the Bible 01:21 Israel chooses Saul and God chooses David 01:38 God turns power and status upside-down 01:53 Sibling rivalries over who gets to be first 02:36 Jesus as the firstborn of all creation 03:21 A poem about how Jesus redefined power 03:50 Jesus becomes the firstborn from among the dead 04:24 Jesus' followers become the family of the firstborn

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