Will All Nations Be Reached Before Christ Returns? // Ask Pastor John

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Did the biblical writers expect Jesus to return at any moment, or were they waiting for certain events to take place before the end would come? Today we have an important missions question from a listener named Zach. “Hello, Pastor John! A friend and I have been reading your book Let the Nations Be Glad. It has been a blessing to both of us as we each pursue our roles in missions. Thank you. I’ve been wondering if Christians will have to reach every unreached people group, or at least every unengaged unreached people group, before Jesus returns. It seems to me that the disciples lived as though they believed Jesus would return any day. And the Bible certainly speaks of Jesus coming at any moment. Also, looking at Revelation 14:6, I wonder if that passage is saying that if Jesus returns before we as Christians have accomplished the task to reach all the unreached, the angel will take care of the rest, so to speak. What do you think?” Read or listen to this interview at our website: https://www.desiringgod.org/interviews/will-all-nations-be-reached-before-christ-returns Find other recent and popular Ask Pastor John episodes: https://www.desiringgod.org/ask-pastor-john

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Bible References

Revelation 14:6

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