Why Does God Choose Some and Not Others? // Ask Pastor John

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God could have chosen all to inherit eternal life, but he didn’t. So why would God choose some and not choose others? We currently have 150 emails now about Romans 9, by far the most asked-about chapter in the Bible in the inbox. Here’s one of them, a recent email from a listener named Aaron. “Hello, Pastor John! I was reading Romans 9 today and came across what is known to be a very hard-to-swallow passage and doctrine. While I believe God is sovereign, I can’t help but take into account Paul’s ‘what if’ statement at the beginning of verse 22. Is the language here being used as we would use it today? Almost implying that God can — but doesn’t necessarily mean he does it? Is that a feasible interpretation? How do you explain this conjunction and its implications?” Episode 1320: https://www.desiringgod.org/interviews/why-does-god-choose-some-and-not-others Related Resources: Book: “The Justification of God” https://www.desiringgod.org/books/the-justification-of-god “Are Calvinists Inconsistent with Romans 9?” https://youtu.be/yH0owukv2Yw “How Does It Glorify God to Predestine People to Hell?” https://youtu.be/vbx-9neSzjU “How Does God’s Sovereignty Not Violate Our Decision-Making?” https://youtu.be/ja6IX3A_MZM “In What Sense Did Christ Die for the Non-Elect?” https://youtu.be/clX2ExeSzMc Ask Pastor John Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKvMOJ1T8T4&list=PLFF7F6AE365DA3564 Find other recent and popular Ask Pastor John episodes, http://desiringgod.org/ask-pastor-john

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