How Much Authority Does Satan Have in the World? // Ask Pastor John

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All Satan’s power is by permission. He has no authority to do anything God does not permit for infinitely wise purposes. What legitimate authority does Satan have over this world? It’s a very important question, and it arrives today from a listener named Aaron in Texas. “Hello, Pastor John! In Matthew 4:9 and in Luke 4:6, what authority is Satan talking about? Is he lying that he has authority to give? Or does he truly have authority over the earth? If so, what is it, and how does this relate to God’s complete sovereignty over all things?” Episode 1349: Related Resources: “Where Is Satan Most Visibly Active Today?” “The Case for Satan” “Should I Hate Satan?” “Where Did Satan’s First Desire for Evil Come from?” Ask Pastor John Playlist: Find other recent and popular Ask Pastor John episodes,

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Bible References

Luke 4:6 Matthew 4:9

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