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Tim Mackie

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The topic of The Satan and Demons explores some of the strangest passages in the entire Bible. We gathered some of your questions after our video released and respond to them in a question and response video. Thank you for engaging with our content! Link to our podcast: Link to notes: The Satan and Demons video: Questions 1. (1:14) Why did God allow The Satan to live in the Garden of Eden, even if it was in rebellion against Him? 2. (5:22) What are the seraphim? Why do you call seraphim "snakes" instead of "burning ones?" 3. (13:06) Wasn't The Satan named Lucifer? Where did the name "Lucifer" come from? 4. (19:22) Why do you say "The Satan" instead of just "Satan?" Why did translators leave out the "The" when translating the Bible? 5. (24:42) When the world was created, God said it was "good." Why did you say The Satan brings creation back into chaos and death in the video? 6. (29:10) How can the sons of God have sexual relations with human women if they are spiritual beings? Do spiritual beings have reproductive organs? 7. (40:01) What are the Nephilim and where did they come from? 8. (42:47) How do humans participate in the evil we see in the world? 9. (44:47) Why did you end the video with Jesus being overtaken by evil? #Satan #Demons #BibleProject

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