David the Priestly King

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By the time Israel becomes a nation, their priesthood is already totally corrupt. So the people ask for a king to lead them and God anoints David. In this video, we’ll explore David’s role as a priestly king and his failure to live up to this calling. The story of David ultimately points to the arrival of Jesus, the true royal priest who will bring the blessings of Eden and restore humans to their divine calling. For more information on David the Priestly King, check out the following resources: -David the Priestly King Study Notes: https://tbp.xyz/davidstudynotes -David the Priestly King Script References: https://tbp.xyz/davidscript -David the Priestly King blog: https://tbp.xyz/davidblog -David the Priestly King podcast: https://tbp.xyz/davidpodcast #BibleProject #KingDavid #Priest

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